The government’s new Making Tax Digital scheme will mean that all businesses and self-employed people will move from doing 1 tax return doing to 4 tax returns a year. Making Tax Digital is going to be phased in between 2018 and 2020. It will start with small businesses and by 2020 all self-employed people, freelancers,… Read More

The Chancellor Philip Hammond’s nickname is ‘Spreadsheet Phil’ due to his love of analysing numbers. With the introduction of Making Tax Digital in 2018/2019 Spreadsheet Phil could have an extra 16 million spreadsheets a year to look at. When Making Tax Digital is introduced all self-employed people, businesses and landlords will have to send 4 ‘tax… Read More

Can we get Philip to u-turn on Making Tax Digital? The Chancellor, Philip Hammond, has been forced to do a u-turn on his proposals to increase National Insurance for self-employed people contributions by 2%. His plan would have cost an average self-employed person £240 a year and were seen as an unfair tax on hard… Read More

When Making Tax Digital is introduced in April 2019 small businesses will move from having to do one tax return a year to four ‘tax updates’. The government argues that this will save small businesses time and money. However, their estimate of how much Making Tax Digital will cost small businesses is massively different from… Read More

  Making Tax Digital is a new system for doing tax returns being introduced by the UK government in April 2018. The government say that Making Tax Digital will be easier and more efficient for small businesses and that it will raise more tax revenue. The main features of Making Tax Digital are: All businesses… Read More