Do women run their businesses better than men?


In a classic “battle of the sexes” argument at HQ our team were debating whether men were better at running businesses than women.


We were interested to find out and after side bets were laid in the office we set about digging up some concrete evidence to settle the argument.


We looked at a sample of companies that were 21 months old and using Companies House data and identified businesses that had all male and all female owners.


Why 21 months?


When a UK limited company is registered it will need to file an annual confirmation statement after 12 months with Companies House. 9 months later (when the company is 21 months old) the company should have also filed their 1st set of accounts if the business has traded or dormant company accounts if the business has still not started.


In the companies that we looked at we found that female run businesses were more likely to have filed their returns on time.


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