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Our online accountancy services are specially tailored to the needs of startups, contractors and small businesses. We provide the services you need for a simple fixed fee:

  • Only pay for the services you need
  • All services are provided for a fixed fee
  • Easily add services as your business grows
  • Spread the cost by paying monthly

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How We Help

Zooconomics’ online accountants regularly save our clients thousands of pounds. We do this by making sure that our clients are recording their incomings and outgoings correctly, that they are claiming the allowances they are entitled to, and by making sure they pay themselves in a sensible way. Read more on how we help businesses save money 

Accountancy for Startups

Providing accountancy help and support for new startup businesses is one of our main specialist areas. We deal with thousands of startup businesses every year, helping them to get their finances organised and their get business up and running. Many of the entrepreneurs we deal with are starting a business for the first time and as part of our service for startups we provide training on basic bookkeeping as well as help with raising invoices and claiming expenses.

Accountancy for Contractors

Alongside providing accountancy services for startup businesses our other main specialist area is providing accountancy services for contractors.  We deal with a wide range of contractors from financial and IT consultants through to nurses, care workers and HGV drivers. We provide contractors with a low cost accountancy service that maximises their take home pay while keeping paperwork, and costs, to a minimum.

CIS Deductions

If you are in the construction industry and are hiring in sub-contractors to work on jobs you will need to deal with CIS deductions and CIS returns. Our accounts team deal with lots of CIS registered construction businesses. They can discuss with you whether you need to be registered for CIS and do the deductions and returns for you.

Online VAT registration

If you need a VAT number to start trading our online VAT registration service is one of the quickest ways to get your VAT application processed. For new businesses we can typically cut between 10 and 14 days out of the VAT application process. The application will be done by our accounts team who will also be able to talk you through the pros and cons of VAT registration for your business and complete your first VAT return for you.

VAT Returns

Dealing with the VAT man is often one of the most intimidating parts of the accountancy and tax systems for new businesses. There are regular deadlines to meet, heavy fines and a fair amount of paperwork to organise. Our accounts team do VAT returns for hundreds of businesses and have a slick and efficient system for getting them done on time with minimum fuss so you can focus on running your business.

Online PAYE Registration

If you are going to pay anyone a wage from your business you need to be registered for PAYE with HM Revenue and Customs. Even if you are the only person in your business it often makes sense to register for PAYE and pay yourself a wage through the scheme so that you can use a generous tax free allowance every year. For new businesses we can typically cut between 10 and 14 days out of the PAYE application process and will file your first PAYE return for you.

Managed Payroll

Whether you have 1 employee or 100 all PAYE registered businesses have to complete regular returns to HMRC and produce appropriate payslips using specialist software. Most businesses now also need to calculate and file information each month on pension contributions.  Our managed payroll service means you don’t need to invest in expensive software or start learning about tax bands and HMRC codes. You just tell us how much people should be getting paid, and when, and we will do all of the paperwork, calculations and returns for you.

Dividend Calculations

If you are set up as a limited company, and you are making a profit, then you are going to want to issue dividends. Dividends are one of the most tax efficient ways to take money out of a limited company. Currently each shareholder can take £5000 a year in dividends tax free with payments above that level being tax at a very low rate. We can calculate what dividends you can take, how much tax would be paid and do the appropriate paperwork for you.

Corporation Tax Returns

If you have a limited company then you will need to do a Corporation Tax Return every year. You will then need to pay Corporation Tax based on any profits your company has made. Our accountants can prepare the Corporation Tax Return for you to make sure the information you are providing is accurate. They will also be able to explain any tax allowances or expenses that you may have missed so that you don’t end up paying more Corporation Tax than you need to.

Self-Assessment Tax Returns

Whether you are working as a sole trader, are the director of a limited company, or are simply running a business in your spare time you will need to file a Self-Assessment tax return each year. This will show your total income and any additional income tax and national insurance payments you may need to make. Our accounts team can prepare you return for you and make sure you are paying the correct amount of tax.

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