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Our accountants show an IT consultant the best way to pay themselves, saving them over £20,000!

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Zooconomics Saving A Client  over £20,000

An IT contactor contacted us in 2016 in relation to his own payment from his freelance business. He was struggling to see why he was being asked to pay so much towards his National Insurance and tax returns and wanted to see if he had done anything wrong.

After a brief look at the client’s finances we were able to find the problem. Despite working for himself, he had put his own payment information through PAYE. Because this client took £70,000+ in salary and dividends, this meant he would’ve had to pay just over £30,000 through PAYE; not an ideal situation.

By combining his salary and dividends, and figuring out which was the most effective way to manage this client’s accounts, we were able to knock off a sizable amount of their tax return.

If they had gone through the standard PAYE scheme, they would’ve had to pay just over £30,000, but through our accountants they instead paid just shy of £7,000.

I know which option I would rather pick.

How We Can Help You Avoid Unnecessary Tax 

As a contractor, working on taxes and finances can feel like more pressure and work than is necessarily needed. You want to be focusing on the work that will help to improve your business, not waste your time trying to navigate your way through a form of awkward and confusing tax regulations.

Hiring an online accountant removes the pain and stress away from you. By signing up to Zooconomics, you’ll have an accountant ready and waiting to help you with your tax returns and looking at every possible way to make you a larger profit.

If you’re looking for more information on how an online accountant can help you and your business, give us a call on 0800 0460 560.

What's The Cost?

At Zooconomics, we don't believe that every business should be charged the same for our services; your business is unique and has unique needs.

Instead, our accountants will assess your business needs and provide you with a fixed monthly price for what your business actually requires. Within the tech industry, your business could vary from a contractor to a large business, and we'll match our price accordingly.

Take a look at what our accountants can offer your business and we'll send you a quote today!

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