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How our online accountants were able to assist a client in the energy sector, saving them £6,000.

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How We Saved Our Client £6,000.

One of our clients working within the renewable energy sector had attempted to file their own tax returns. To their knowledge, they had filled out the forms correctly and was hit with a tax bill of just under £5,000!

The client thought that this was a bit high, so they made the wise decision to connect us. After a brief conversation with a Zooconomics accountant we were able to determine that the amount of tax they were being asked to pay was extortionately more than it should be.

After a further investigation and a brief look into the client’s finances, we were able to determine that the client had mistakenly put their company’s operating profits into the self-assessment form.

We revisited their self-assessment allowing the client to receive the £5,000 back, as well as over £1,000 returned in overpaid tax!

As you can imagine, they were extremely pleased with this result.

How We Can Help Your Small Business

Many of our clients, especially those in new businesses, have difficulty understanding what kind of profits they should include in their self-assessment tax return. Unfortunately, this kind of information isn’t made simple or obvious by HMRC or Companies House.

If you’re willing to take a risk, you can try to figure your tax returns out for yourself. Or, like our energy client, you can instead make the smart decision to give us a call! In this case, we were able to save our client over £6,000 in total, but we’ve also helped other clients to save over £30,000 from their tax returns.

Don’t fall victim to awkward tax regulations and unnecessary fines, give the Zooconomic accountants a call on 0800 0460 560!

What's The Cost?

At Zooconomics, we don't believe that every business should be charged the same for our services; your business is unique and has unique needs.

Instead, our accountants will assess your business needs and provide you with a fixed monthly price for what your business actually requires. This price is often under £100 a month for small businesses!

Take a look at what our accountants can offer you and your small business and we'll send you a quote today!

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