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How our online accountants were able to clear a fine from HMRC and restore a contractor's confidence in their business.

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How We Saved A Contractor From A Nasty Fine

We were recently contacted by a construction contractor who had been issued a fine from HMRC because of their taxes. As our client worked within the construction industry, they were quite often away from home. As such, they were not aware of the fines against them immediately and were slightly confused at how the fines were incurred.

They contacted us and explained their side of the story. The first thing we asked for was their payroll over the previous 12 months, just to make sure everything had been filed correctly.

Sure-enough, we couldn’t find any faults within their payroll and came to the conclusion that a mistake had been made.

Within just a few weeks, our client contacted us again with the good news. They had received a new letter from HMRC which stated that they would be dropping the fine against them.

This created a huge relief on our client’s behalf and they once again felt confident to carry on with their Contractor business.

We Can Help You Avoid Fines

Catching a late fine can be quite distressing, but speaking with an online accountant will soon relax you. Our accountants at Zooconomics can sift through your payroll and other profits to see if a mistake was made anywhere and how it can be rectified.

An even better solution is to hire an online accountant before you even have the opportunity to be fined. A Zooconomics accountant isn’t just a reactionary figure, but can also provide you with useful insight to your finances long before your tax return is due. They also keep a record of all your financial transactions, meaning if an error does crop up, they know exactly what to do immediately.

If you’re interested in hiring an online accountant, or you’re looking for help with your finances, give us a call on 0800 0460 560.

What's The Cost?

At Zooconomics, we don't believe that every business should be charged the same for our services; your business is unique and has unique needs.

Instead, our accountants will assess your business needs and provide you with a fixed monthly price for what your business actually requires. This price is often under £90 a month for a contractor!

Take a look at what our accountants can offer you as a contractor and we'll send you a quote today!

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