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Why a consultant contacted us to help save them nearly £40,000 on their Tax Return!

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A Client Saved £40,000 Through Zooconomic Accountants

One of our clients was able to save a sizable chunk (nearly 75%!) of their tax return by contacting us. The client works as a Risk Management Consultant within the financial sector. Because of their experience and knowledge within the industry, they made a significant profit for the year.

During the year, our client had taken £100,000+ as salary and dividends. They were originally going to register this through PAYE; a huge mistake as this would have cost them just under £50,000 in tax.

The client contacted us with advice on what to do with this unreasonably high sum.

By combining the client’s salary and dividends, our accountants were able to work out the most efficient way for our client to pay themselves. We were able to lower the tax they paid to just over £10,000; nearly a £40,000 difference! It’s smart savings like that that shows just how efficient and economical a Zooconomic accountant can be.

We Can Do This For You Too!

When working as a consultant in a profitable industry, it’s unlikely that you’ll have much free time to take a long look at your finances and figure out where you can save on your profits. However, as we can see from this client, it’s certainly worth doing.

By using a Zooconomics online accountant, you’ll be able to give your finances and accounts the attention they need and deserve without cutting into your own business time. Just send us over the information we need, or, if you’re aware of what you need but not sure how to get it, you can always give us a call and we’ll be happy to answer your questions and solve any problems you might have.

Just call 0800 0460 560 and we’ll happily help you through your accounts.

What's The Cost?

At Zooconomics, we don't believe that every business should be charged the same for our services; your business is unique and has unique needs.

Instead, our accountants will assess your business needs and provide you with a fixed monthly price for what your business actually requires. Our prices vary for Consultancy businesses, depending on their size.

Take a look at what our accountants can offer you and your consultancy business and we'll send you a quote today!

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