An accountant in the UK will earn, on average, £47,900. This might tell you many things, but the most important thing it should be screaming at you is “This is not an easy job”. Even for Contractors and Micro-Entities, filing your taxes and managing your accounts can be exhausting and time-consuming.

Unfortunately, regardless of what industry you’re or in or what business you run, you will need to sort out your taxes; it’s just as compulsory as paying rent or breathing air. This means you have one of two options:

  1. You learn how to manage your own accounts (not recommended).
  2. You hire an online accountant to do it for you (highly recommended).

You’re free to do whatever you want (as long as your taxes get done obviously), and you’re certainly more than welcome to try and file your own accounts. Just take a look at these testimonials from Twitter of those who have tried learning accounting in their free time:

why accountant is important

Looks like non-stop fun to me…

Why Use An Online Accountant?

Apart from the obvious reason of accounting is hard and can’t be learned overnight? Well, they help reduce your workload, build your business and save you money. There still isn’t a good reason to not hire an online accountant, but I’m sure when someone thinks of one we’ll be there to prove them wrong.

Accountants spend years working towards their qualifications which prove that they understand how finances work. This isn’t a job that someone can take a part-time course in and master by the end of summer. Isn’t it a better use of your time to hire an online accountant so you can focus purely on what you’re an expert in: your business.

With an online accountant, you get to focus on your business and leave your finances to those spare minutes you have during the day. Using our cloud-based accounting software, you can upload and view invoices, expenses, and your finance reports from anywhere. This means you can leave your accountant to do their job but still see how it’s all going!

In short, focus your time and energy into your business, not your accounting. An accountant can cover your finances for a fair price.

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