As a creative entrepreneur, you’re at the forefront of technology. Paper records are becoming a thing of the past and even keeping financial details on your computer is slowly becoming obsolete. With everyone connected through just a tap on their phone and cloud-based accounting software becoming the standard, we do have to ask the question:… Read More

Artist, photographer, independent film maker… There are plenty of opportunities as a creative to create your own work and run your own business. You’ve done all the hard work and now there is only one more nightmare to navigate… Tax and accounting, and accountants for creative businesses can be a great benefit! As a creative,… Read More

Zooconomics is an online accountancy firm. This means that we primarily deal with our customers by sharing cloud based accountancy software and via our online support systems. We think that this is the best way to do accounts for most startups, small businesses and contractors. The alternative to using an online accountancy firm is to… Read More