An accountant in the UK will earn, on average, £47,900. This might tell you many things, but the most important thing it should be screaming at you is “This is not an easy job”. Even for Contractors and Micro-Entities, filing your taxes and managing your accounts can be exhausting and time-consuming. Unfortunately, regardless of what… Read More

So you’ve made the wise decision to switch over to online accounting. Good choice, you won’t regret it. Now, however, you need to decide which online accountant will best suit your business. At Zooconomics, we pride ourselves in making finance less stressful for the business owner. We do this by providing you with an affordable… Read More

You may have already read our article on ‘How Much Accountants Charge for Tax Returns’. If you’re a Sole Trader or Freelance, you should be reading that article instead. If you’re a Limited Company, large or small, you’re in the right place. &nbsp: As a Limited Company, your accountant will have a lot more data… Read More

On average, an accountant will charge around £300 to file your tax return, depending on what kind of business you’re running. It’s a bit cheaper if you’re an independent freelancer looking for help with a Self-Assessment Tax Return, and more expensive if you’re a small or large business. This may not sound like an extortionate… Read More

With all the hustle and bustle of running a business, it’s easy to forget about your accounts. That is until when the tax man comes knocking… Filing your tax return can be extremely stressful. Having to gather the last years’ worth of invoices, bank statements, and expenses is no simple task, especially if you’ve not… Read More

When you first set up your business, you probably heard the terms ‘Bookkeeper’ and ‘Accountant’ thrown around in abundance. Would you be shocked if I told you that the two jobs are completely different? They overlap in certain areas but they’re two very different paths in the finance industry. What is a bookkeeper? A bookkeeper’s… Read More

In a previous post, we spoke about what you can claim back on expenses. One of the most interesting items on that list was No. 1 – Accountants and bookkeeper’s fees. Are accountant fees tax deductible? Or is this just a technicality that requires you to jump through hundreds of loopholes for minimal return? The… Read More

When running your startup business, sooner or later you’re going to want to see how you can cut back on spending and increase profit. There are multiple ways of doing this, but one of the most effective methods to save money is by claiming your expenses. Any Corporation Tax you pay for your business is… Read More

I’m not trying to scare you, but did you know that half of UK start-ups fail within their first five years? There are multiple reasons for this, but tax seems to be a reoccurring theme. An online accountant for your startup business may seem like a luxury expense, but they can prove to be a… Read More

Freelancers cover a wide variety of jobs and services; writers, consultants, dog groomers… There are thousands of different jobs a freelancer could do, but there is one common responsibility that all freelancers, no matter what the job, have to do: Tax returns. As a freelancer, you can be working all hours of the day. You… Read More