accountants for small businesses costMost of the economy within the UK is made up of small businesses (99.9% as of 2016!. This is an even bigger shock when you throw in the fact that 4 in 10 small businesses fail within their first 5 years.

Scary, right?

However, if you were to look up why these businesses fail within their first 5 years, you’ll notice a reoccurring theme. Most, if not all, records of small businesses failing show that taxes always seem to play a part. Could that just be a coincidence? Possibly. Do you want to take that risk? Somehow I doubt it.

With all that in mind, you’re probably thinking something along the lines of:

What Does a Small Business Accountant Cost?

It’s a simple question, but the answer is a bit more complicated than just giving over a few sample prices.

First, you have to define what kind of small business you’re running: Freelancer/contractor or a small limited company. This is something you will surely know already, however if you’re unsure then just take a look at what kind of taxes you’re filing. If it’s Self-Assessment, you’re a Freelancer/Contractor, if it’s corporate tax, you’re a limited company.

Once you’ve got that all figured out it’s time to get a quote for an online accountant. A lot of accountancy companies will try to offer you the same price regardless of how big or small your business is.

A good accountant, like a Zooconomics accountant , will instead offer you a fair price based on your business and its needs. If your accounts are simple, then you won’t be charged much. The more information you provide to our accountants the more we can try and save you money, both from our costs and your expenses.

If you’re still not fully decided and would like to see some numbers, take a look at our quotes page to get a better idea of what an online accountant might cost.

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