how much accountants charge for tax returnsOn average, an accountant will charge around £300 to file your tax return, depending on what kind of business you’re running. It’s a bit cheaper if you’re an independent freelancer looking for help with a Self-Assessment Tax Return, and more expensive if you’re a small or large business.

This may not sound like an extortionate amount of money, but you have to keep in mind over factors, such as:

  • This article is about Sole Trader fees. This article is better if you’re a Limited company looking for accountant fees.
  • The business you’re missing out from taking the day off to see your accountant.
  • Expenses incurred from time taken out of work.
  • Stress from gathering documents required for a tax return.

Not all of these will affect your wallet, but they can affect your health and well-being. For some businesses this is simply how it’s done, but have you ever considered a change for the better?

How much will an accountant charge your business?

Online Accountant

Online accountants have fixed prices, however these prices are tailored to the needs of your company. You’ll receive a quote on how much a tax return will cost for your business based on your needs, not an hourly rate. On top of that, they make themselves available to you all year round, not just when your tax returns are due.

This means you can work on your tax returns as you go. Whether it’s invoices, expenses, or payments, you can upload the information to the cloud-based accountancy software and it’s done!

If you’re looking to see how much an online accountant will cost, you can get a quote from Zooconomic’s accountants here.

Self-Assessment Tax Return

For a Self-Assessment Tax Return, accounts will charge somewhere in the area of £250+. The variation depends on how difficult your tax returns are. Self-Assessments can be done without the help of an accountant, but having one will guarantee it’s done properly.

Since you’re running a business, you probably already have an accountant. However, if you don’t you should seriously consider getting one.

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